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Cooker hood Capri CR-602G
  • Cooker hood Capri CR-602G

Cooker hood Capri CR-602G

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Cooker hood Capri CR-602G (CR602G) is produced by European standards with modern technology

1. Advantages featured of Cooker hood Capri CR-602G

- Machine space saving hood, hood efficiency

Cooker hood Capri CR-602G is designed sound cabinets, chassis components in cabinets save space for the kitchen. 
The size of the compact but power still reaches 750m3/h, noise small, medium standard for small kitchen space, smoke odor effective noise not too strong. 
Machine with 2 one-way function reducing smoking, grease filter aluminum alloy 4 classes help absorb and purify the smell of food, bring fresh, airy space.

Cooker hood Capri CR-702G

- Exquisite design and ease of use

Cooker hood CR-602G is designed durable casing is stainless steel to help it not merely the hood but also decorate the kitchen of your home more luxurious. 
The machine has the touch panel with 3-level modern smoke, tractors out on, push off very easy to use, 2 bulbs fitted on the underside of the hood, providing help light the cooking process easier.

Cooker hood Capri CR-702G

Especially, the Cooker hood Capri CR-602G is also equipped with automatic shutdown mode after 2 hours of use, so you do not have to worry when you forget to turn off the machine, making it not overloaded and maintain a long life.

2. Specifications:

Cooker hood Capri CR-602G is a classic cooker hood, a new product of brand Capri, equipped with modern technology with the following specifications:
Direct sucking smoke and deodorising

- Material: Glass + Inox
Led light
- Engine: 2 motors
- Power: 700m3/h
- Noise level: <54db
- Control: 2 levels touch control with display
- Digital 
display screen

- Exhaust pipe: 120mm
Aluminum grease filter - 5 layers
Automatic shutdown mode after 2 hours of use
- Voltage: 220V-240V/50Hz
- Size: (W*D*H) 600*490*195mm
Produced by European standards

Size of Cooker hood Capri CR-702G
Size of Cooker hood Capri CR-602G


3. The note when using the Cooker hood Capri CR-602G

To use the Cooker hood Capri CR-602G efficiency and safety you should note the following points: 
-Read carefully the user manual of the manufacturer 
operation using a gentle, careful 
-No should machine when the voltage is not stable 
Routine cleaning and sanitation for efficient machine operation and efficient 

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